Damian is a short fan-film set in the DC Universe, and also serves as a proof-of-concept for a live-action adaptation of the Son of Batman storyline.​​​​​​​

Son of Batman (2014)

​​​​​​​This particular scene we depicted is taken from a larger outline that I have written, and loosely incorporates some elements from Batman vs. Robin.
We set out to create a visceral, cinematic experience with an atmosphere inspired by Batman: Arkham Knight, and portray living, breathing versions of characters like Damian Wayne. 

Batman: Arkham Knight (2015)

​​​​​​​My full vision would aim to tell this compelling story of anger, pain, justice, and revenge in one epic, live-action experience. 
My script for the full feature film is nearly complete, and I dream of making it a reality someday as an official DC movie for the whole world to see. ​​​​​​​